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Who We Are


Geomancy Consulting

Geomancy consulting

Geomancy is one of the ancient arts of decision-making: involving systematically listening, meticulously calculating, and then finding answers.


We picked the name because while this may sometimes seem like magic, in reality, all successful decision-making processes are about paying attention and listening — then following a systematic process of discernment.


At times, technology seems to be full of esoteric mumbo-jumbo and opaque, mysterious jargon, but in the end, it’s simple: success is always determined by whether we are listening. The necessary information is there.


At Geomancy Consulting, we  listen. And we have the technical expertise to help you make the right decisions, and  achieve the success you seek.

What we do

We solve problems, in the most cost-effective way. Most of these problems involve technology choices, from small-business decisions through projects involving millions of users around the world, and we have developed an international reputation for providing thorough, objective analyses of feasible options, along with practical, real-world implementation plans.


We have a depth of experience in numerous sectors including healthcare, education, government (local, state and federal), NGO/non-profit, international business and technology issues.


We specialize in data security, mobile device deployment and management, web-based systems, social media strategy and operations, and strategic technology planning.


In a world of constant change, growing complexity, and frequent disruption, we can offer a depth of expertise and advice that is rock-solid.  Contact us for more information, and let us see if we can help.


Geomancy Consulting 


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